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President Message

Hiroshi Yao

Since its establishment in 1871, the Mitsubishi Materials Group has supplied the cement and copper needed to build social infrastructure and provided processed metal products, electronics materials and other products, technologies and services that are indispensible to industrial activity and everyday life.

In its aim to utilize effectively the Earth’s limited resources and to contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society in a sustainable manner, the Group has taken the lead in advancing the environmental and recycling areas of its businesses.

At this time, the Mitsubishi Materials Group has formulated a long-term management policy toward the early 2020s, which states our vision to "We will become the world’s leading business group committed to supporting recycling-oriented society through materials innovation, with use of our unique and distinctive technologies."
We also formulated a medium-term management plan "Materials Premium 2016" that will enable us to advance towards the realization of this vision.

In our "Materials Premium 2016", as a strategy for the overall Group growth, we will tackle the tasks of fortifying the foundation for growth, strengthening global competitiveness, and pursuing a recycling-oriented business model, as well as striving to reach by FY2017 net sales of 1,600 billion yen, operating profit of 100 billion yen, and ordinary income of 110 billion yen.

Furthermore, we have set the motto "Safety and Health are the First" as our first priority. But unfortunately, on January 9 2014, an explosion and fire occurred at our Yokkaichi plant. Considering the gravity of this accident, we will enhance our safety management system, and foster our corporate philosophy and culture to value safety.

Under the Mitsubishi Materials Group philosophy, "For people, society and the Earth", the Mitsubishi Materials Group has been striving unitedly to achieve new targets, continuously deepening the "Materials Premium" by realizing distinctive synergies as an integrated business entity, and creating new values to meet constantly changing needs on a timely basis.

This is how the Mitsubishi Materials Groups contributes to the sustainable growth of society : by providing higher-value-added products, technologies and services.
The Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to dedicate itself to doing its bit "For people, Society and the Earth" through its business activities.

We appreciate your continuing support and understanding for the Mitsubishi Materials Group in these endeavors.

July 16, 2014

Hiroshi Yao, President